Trusted Reviews

Trusted Reviews is a special system of collecting reviews on transactions in online shops. Comments with a special green symbol are published on the basis of questionnaires filled by individuals who placed online orders in a shop participating in the Trusted Review program. Reading such reviews, you can be sure that the information about the selected shop comes from genuine customers of the shop the review concerns.

Why were Trusted Reviews created?

The Trusted Reviews were created to increase the security of shopping on Ceneo. It sometimes happens that companies post positive comments about themselves on the Internet or slander the competition. What is more, other readers can provide information inconsistent with reality – eg. Reviewing a shop, where they have not purchased anything. The aim of the program is to obtain reviews on the quality of services in online shops and reduce the possibility of giving false or multiple reviews.

How does it work?

The shop defines a number of days. Within that number of days after placing an order, Ceneo sends an e-mail request to the customer to complete a survey with the assessment of the transaction. Each order has a unique copy of the questionnaire assigned, so each customer evaluates their transaction only once. (Details are described in the Trusted Reviews Terms and Conditions pts. 1 c.)
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  • Shops participating in the program accumulate an average of 6 times more reviews.
  • The “Trusted Review” symbol distinguishes your offer from others on Ceneo.
  • You get reviews only for the orders that were actually placed in your shop.
  • You get a precise evaluation of transactions carried out in your shop.
  • You build your positive image – you show customers that their opinion is important for you.

How does the shop evaluation questionnaire look like?

In addition to the “Trusted Review symbol there is also the logo of the shop being reviewed in each questionnaire. After collecting 30 “Trusted Reviews”, the shop will be able to view all the completed questionnaires and statistics for individual answers in the Administrative Panel.

How do clients recognize the Shops gathering Trusted Reviews?

The shops that participate in the “Trusted Reviews” program are marked in listings with a special green symbol. In addition, we have prepared several options of buttons that a shop can place on their website. That is how the shop communicates to its customers that it participates in the “Trusted Reviews” program.

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