We provide an attractive graphical representation of information on your shop gathered by Ceneo. With this service, you can publish data on the service quality in your shop on your website – the participation in programs related to the security of shopping online, customers’ recommendations etc.

How it works

  • It is displayed in the form of a small tab at the edge of the shop’s page. After expanding it, information that is predetermined by you appears (eg. the delivery time, details on the service, the percentage of customers recommending your shop).
  • The information published on the widget is customizable – you decide and set in your Shop Panel what data are visible to customers.
  • Options of how Information is displayed depend on programs which the shop participates in (“Trusted Reviews”, “Buyer Protection Program”).
  • Using the service is totally free of charge.

Why should you place a widget on your website?

  • This way you build a positive image of your brand.
  • You can choose the information presented on the widget as you see fit, emphasizing the greatest strengths of your Shop.
  • Having this type of information on the shop’s website constitutes a valuable clue for customers – it testifies to the safety and quality of the services offered there.
  • The widget is displayed in an attractive graphical form, does not interfere with the structure of the page.