Recommendations for shops

Studies show that the modern recommendation mechanisms have a positive impact on sales in online shops. Therefore, we have prepared a solution based on the Ceneo’s recommendation mechanism.
Even now, you can embed the widget with the recommendations on your website, which will display products from your shop selected by our algorithm.

Features of our solution

Products for the box are chosen, among other things, based on the given user’s previous activity.

The experience of millions of Ceneo users
When selecting products, the shopping behaviors of many millions of Ceneo users is also taken into consideration.

Self-regulating mechanism
This is a, so-called, “smart” solution. Products will be selected taking into account the industry which the shop operates in.

Numerous configuration options
The widget can be customized to fit the visual design of the page. You can select the size, color, font as well as the title.

The simplicity of implementation
Just put the script prepared by us into the code of your page. However, if the shop has already implemented the Ceneo widget, you just have to configure it and turn the recommendations on, all from the Shop Panel level!